How to attach velcro to fabric?

Velcro has been a staple in the fashion industry for decades. It’s versatility and ease of use make it one of those items that you can never have too much of. But, how do you attach Velcro? We’ll show you!

Care & Application

  1. Wash and dry fabric before applying.
  2. Peel away release liner and press adhesive thoroughly into fabric.
  3. Allow 24 hours to set up.
attach velcro to fabric

How to attach velcro to fabric without sewing?

-Cut a strip of your desired width from the adhesive side (fuzzy or loop)  of velcro opposite from which you want it to stick on;

-Place one edge of the fuzzy half over what will be your top stitch line so that about an inch sticks out past where you are going to sew;

-Fold back both pieces like they were before cutting them then place the other piece over it with its edges overlapping just slightly in front of where it was originally cut. This double layer provides extra strength against pulling apart as well as makes it less likely you will see the fuzzy side of your Velcro.

-Now brush away any excess glue from either side and press firmly onto each other, making sure the top side is secure. You can use a hot iron on high heat and be careful not to burn yourself, but it is best to wait until after the pieces are sewn together;

-Sew right over both pieces, stitching back and forth a few times to secure then trim off any excess that is not under your stitches;

-Using an iron on high heat melt the fabric onto the strip for about ten seconds (you can always do this step after sewing when attaching other types). Be very careful not to burn yourself or catch anything else on fire!  You should only need two hands during this process: one hand holding down what’s being glued while the other does alls of work. Avoid using too much pressure so as not to break through either material in front of where you are gluing.

-It’s best to be generous with the glue as it will dry and look less opaque after a few days, but if you want something that looks more finished right away then make sure to brush off any excess before ironing;

-Press all of the fabric onto the Velcro strip on both sides at once so they stick together completely. Sew over them again for good measure or use a hot iron (depending on what your preference is). This step takes about two minutes without sewing and can save hours worth of time later!

Best glue for velcro to fabric

Velcro is one of the most popular closures for clothing and other products. It’s available in many different sizes, shapes, colors, and adhesive qualities to suit your needs. But when it sticks to fabrics that are not designed or reinforced specifically with Velcro fastener loops on both sides (such as cotton), some people find it difficult to remove because they can’t get an adequate grip on the fabric without ripping out their threads or seams. This is where a good glue comes into play: you’ll need something like E-6000 which will hold up under pressure while also being flexible enough so as not to harm sensitive fibers in garments such as silk and woolens.

How do You Get Velcro to Stick to Fabric?

  • Sewing is a traditional way to make something. There are faster ways, but sewing also has the benefit of making it stable and easy to remove things if you want them off.
  • Fabric tapes can be used to stick on Velcro. You do not need to sew the Velcro onto your fabric. Just cut it to size, peel the liner away, and stick it on clean dry fabric. Leave it for 24 hours then you are ready!
  • Gluing: It can be a good alternative to sewing or using fabric-based tape. If you use Velcro adhesive, it can be better because you don’t need a glue gun.

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